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  1. Internet

    2023-03-11 04:51:24 UTC
    I was twice in Pyongyang, North Korea and it is indeed a place with no or very managed access to the internet. The cartoon here is my favorite. It was published in the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong some days before the visit of former CEO of Google…

  2. At the camel track

    2023-03-06 12:38:59 UTC
    The other day, I went early in the morning to see for the first time camel training  and some races in Ras Al Khaimah.  Here are some first impressions and I will surely be back to understand and witness more.

  3. Vertical

    2023-02-04 10:24:45 UTC
    Shooting and framing vertically is tough in photography as it is important to fill the frame with interesting elements. Some great photographers like Raymond Depardon shoot a lot vertically. I have attempted here to show you some vertical photographs I have taken over the years.  Many portraits belong here but…

  4. Instagram

    2023-01-25 11:20:36 UTC
    I am back on Instagram.

  5. Tell me an interesting story about Leica - 2/2

    2023-01-05 19:52:18 UTC
    I regenerated a response to the same question and this time the AI engine gave me the following answer “One interesting story about Leica is how the company got its start. The company was founded by Oscar Barnack, who was working as an engineer at a company that made movie…

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