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  1. Tell me an interesting story about Leica - 1/2

    05 Jan 2023
    “One interesting story about Leica is the development of the Leica M3. The M3, which was released in 1954, was a major turning point for Leica and is considered by many to be one of the best rangefinder cameras ever made. The M3 was the first Leica camera to feature…

  2. Best of 2022

    04 Jan 2023
    2022 has seen a lot of travel resume and new places discovered like Cuba, the Maldives. Here is a recap of some key memories of the year 2022.

  3. Feathers

    14 Dec 2022
    Flew today from Riyadh to Dubai with some unusual passengers.

  4. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA - A very first look

    03 Dec 2022
    I agree with Richard Quest from CNN: “I have seen countries change before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like the change taking place in Saudi Arabia. It is not like the fall of Soviet Europe, nor the upheaval recently witnessed in Sri Lanka. Saudi’s change is…

  5. Cuba - First Impressions

    13 Nov 2022
    Returning from a first week in Cuba. Some first impressions, an interesting place but surely a place victim of politics for over 60 years.  To give you possibly some recomfort: “Humans live life in different economic perspectives but the energy inside and the space within is the same for all”…

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