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  1. My Normandie

    03 Oct 2022
    A wonderful weekend between Honfleur and Deauville.

  2. Malta - First Impressions

    25 Sep 2022
    This week I spent a couple of days in Malta.  I met rain and sunshine. Surely I will come back and explore more. An interesting culture between Italy and the Arab world.

  3. This Person Does Not Exist

    20 Sep 2022
    A fascinating use of Artificial Intelligence.

  4. Home

    19 Sep 2022
    “Nothing seems further removed from nature than Dubai, although nothing depends on nature more than Dubai”- Glenn Close in movie HOME I watched again.

  5. 9 Months

    15 Sep 2022
    We call Dubai home for almost 9 months. We like it here. So far so good. Still a lot to see and explore but here are a few highlights from the region.

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