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  1. My Inspiration

    07 Sep 2022
    Some weeks ago, I had the privilege to take photographs of Irena in Dubai and in Prague. It was fun to shoot with such a natural and talented beauty. You will see below some great shots and a short video of Irena enjoying herself.

  2. Best of 2021

    05 Sep 2022
    Despite Covid, we still travelled in and out of Singapore in 2021 to see the world. And after 11 years in Singapore, Dubai is our new home from January 2022. You can see more here.

  3. My Summer

    04 Sep 2022
    The last three months have been very eventful, with lost of travelling and celebrations. Some new places and some known faces from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Miami, Prague, Oman, the Faroe islands, Copenhagen.

  4. The Kids of the world

    03 Sep 2022
    What is it like to be a photographer in the age of the smartphone, in the age of all images? Caroline Broué It’s about making sense of the image and continuing to tell stories. - Guillaume Herbaut

  5. The Flow of Lines

    01 Sep 2022
    “It fascinates me that there is a variety of feeling about what I do. I’m not a premeditative photographer. I see a picture and I make it. If I had a chance, I’d be out shooting all the time. You don’t have to go looking for pictures. The material is…

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