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  1. Keith

    2022-08-31 18:20:24 UTC
    I met Keith Richards from the famous rock band The Rolling Stones on July 26, 2003 between 6am and 7am on and near Charles Bridge in Prague in Czech Republic. I had my camera and I clicked a roll. It will stay with me “The legend part is easy. It’s…

  2. Intimacy

    2022-08-31 18:12:04 UTC
    “ The beauty of women is endless” - Ralph Gibson

  3. No Time to Dry

    2022-08-31 17:05:29 UTC
    In August 2022, I spent 10 days in the Faroe Islands, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It was cold, windy and rainy with almost No Time to Dry but really beautiful.

  4. Silhouettes

    2022-08-31 17:00:06 UTC
    “Photography cannot change the world, but it can show the world, especially when it changes” - Marc Riboud

  5. Tribute to colours

    2022-08-31 16:50:52 UTC
    “In my photography, color and composition are inseparable. I see in color.” - William Albert Allard

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