A Warm Welcome

Over the last 25+ years  I had the opportunity to travel and photograph many places around the world from familiar places like a street in London (above) to more exotic regions such as West Papua to spend time with the Yali People (on the right). 

For me photography is a way to express my emotions and share my view of the world as a simple witness.

In the early days, I was very much into landscape photography, more captivated by the beauty of the places than its people. Today street photography is what I enjoy the most as it enables me to capture the world around me without constraints, candidly.

I regularly publish my photographs on my FB page One Yes Sees, The Other Feels  and I am also active on Instagram  below.  Do not hesitate to contact me

Instagram is also another way to communicate my passion with photography and enjoy the work of others. I post there regularly. You can see my recents posts below and follow me if you feel like.

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