A warm welcome. I am a Street Photographer based in Dubai since January 2022. Over the last 30 years, I had the opportunity to travel and photograph many places from the streets in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Morocco to the Yali People tribes of West Papua, North Korea, the Faroe islands and recently Socotra Island in Yemen.

In the early days, I focused on landscape photography as I was captivated by the beauty of landscapes. In recent years, street photography has become my art as it enables me to capture the world around me candidly, without constraints. 

For me, photography is a way to express my emotions and share my view of the world as a simple witness.

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Recognitions and Events

Podcast with Asian Geographic

If you miss photography and traveling you can listen to my podcast on street photography with Asian Geographic

You can click on link here Asian Geographic Library:Podcast | Podcast on Spotify or the picture on the left.

Asian Geographic Magazine

Impressions from the DPRK

Happy to have my photo essay on North Korea published in Asian Geographic Magazine.

An unusual story of some aspects of life in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which is closed since early 2020.

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Street Photography

Glad to see that my portfolio was selected for Format Spotlights.

I have been using Format for many years and it surely meets my needs. I would recommend it as it is well integrated into Lightroom if you use it to catalog and edit your photographs.

You can check it here or by clicking on the image to the right. 

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Exhibition North Korean Interlude

If you are curious, please come see my exhibition on North Korea at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore starting October 1st until December 5th 2021.

I will be there in person 9, 23 and 30 October from 2pm till 4:45pm.

I will be more than happy to tell and show you more. 

You can always see the photographs of my two journeys in North Korea here and here in 2019.


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North Korean Interlude

I had the pleasure to be invited by Leica in Singapore to present the photography and some stories associated with my two trips to North Korea in 2019. 

If you keen to replay it, please click here, and enjoy the show.


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Canon Editor's choice - In July 2009, I was honoured that my photograph on the right was one of the 40 selected by Magdalena Herrera for Canon Professional Editor’s Choice among 4000+. Here is what she had to say on my photograph: 

“This image is a funny one I would say and I really enjoyed looking at it It is like coming from a movie. This man with a hat in an empty town where there is no human beside him is very good. Everything, the direction, his way of walking and then the mountains and clouds beside. It is a very photogenic situation, it is like yeah a movie”.


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Asia Geographic Magazines

In March 2020, I had my first photographic essay in Asian Geographic on Entering the Yali Tribe following my trip to West Papua, Indonesia in November 2016.


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Join me on a trip to the DPRK or North Korea, where I will be discussing some photographs I took in my last 2 trips.

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Some photographs can be seen here DPRK - North Korea  and here DPRK - So Long Pyongyang.

From 1992, I started taking photographs in Asia. I always loved discover new places and bring back portraits of people I have met on the way. Join me May 16 at 9pm SG

If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Some of my photographs from the on-going Asian Portraits series can be seen here.

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