You can browse and buy here my three first self published books. If you are interested in buying individual pictures you see in the books or in the galleries, contact me directly.


Why Silhouettes?

I have admiration for photographers who have the determination to capture just landscapes but personally I feel a place needs to have a human presence to convey the emotions I look for. This is what has attracted me most in photography over many years.

Such photographs do not come everyday, you need to be lucky and your need to look for it always with a curious eye drawing inspiration from other photographers to create your own style. It takes time but it is a very rewarding learning process that you can see in this book of Silhouettes.

Until The End Of 2017

Some photographic memories of my journey from 1992

I am an avid travel and street photographer and over the course of the past 25 years I have been fortunate to go to many places around world and most of the time accompanied with my camera. 

This book is a selection of my photographs published in 2017 on my Instagram account One Eyes Sees, The Other Feels @alainschneuwly with some dating back to 1992. 

Enjoy the ride through times, places and meet some of the characters that have been part of this great journey so far....

The Year 2015

The year 2015 in pictures from Singapore to England passing through Las Vegas, New York, Normandie and Hong Kong to name a few places.

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